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Whether you are looking for new granite slabs for your new kitchen or you are simply interested in upgrading your existing countertops, our granite contractors at Richstone Marble and Granite will help you out.

We will work with you

The slab that you choose for your kitchen countertop or any other surface has a great impact on the look of the room. We will help you in making the right choice by considering the colors that match your room. We will consider the color of your cabinets, floor, and walls and guide you in making the right choice.

The cool thing is that we have many slabs of different colors in our granite showroom that you can go for. By listening to your desired outcome, we will help you choose a color that not only livens up your room, but also gives it an exciting look.

Our contractors will also help you in choosing the right countertop depending on the lighting in the room. If the room is bright, we would recommend that you go for deep blue or dark black granite countertops. If you don’t like a lot of light in the room or you don’t have many windows, you will be better off going for gold, white, or light-colored slabs.

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Granite countertop installation Centreville, VA

We not only supply the granite slabs also help you with the installation. We have the best granite countertop installers in Centreville that will install the countertops using the modern installation methods thus ensuring that your countertops are professionally installed.

To give you peace of mind that the countertops will be expertly put in place, our countertop contractor will give you a ten-year labor guarantee. In the event the pieces come apart within the guarantee period, we will repair them at no extra charge.

Our installers have been installing the countertops for the past 20 years thus they have the necessary experience to install the pieces fast and in the most professional manner. To ensure that the pieces are professionally cut, we have the latest and properly maintained cutting equipment.

The machine ensures that the cuts are clean and accurate thus the countertops cover the cabinets properly and the seams are perfectly in place.


With us, the slabs you buy are the ones that we install. Some installers try to exchange the pieces, but we don’t do it as transparency and customer satisfaction is our primary priority.

While we focus on installing granite countertops, we also install marble countertops, quartz countertops, and any other countertop you might be interested in.

Whether you are looking to install kitchen countertop in Centreville or any other units and you are looking for a reputable countertop company in Centreville, you should highly consider choosing our services. We not only have high-quality slabs, but our contractors also top notch.