Quartz, Granite, Marble Countertops Provider Reston, VA

Granite countertops are loved by many people as they are very durable. With good care, the units can last as long as your house. The countertops also come in different varieties. If you aren’t sure of the pieces that will look good in your home or office, our contractors will guide you in making the right choice.

Just as the countertops are of different varieties, they also come at different prices. Our friendly and ready to help contractors will guide you in choosing the ones that are within the budget.

While we recommend that you choose the slabs that are within your budget, you should avoid cheap units as they won’t last for a long time. They also will look ugly thus giving your home or office an ugly look.

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Working with our granite contractors in Reston VA

In addition to having a team of friendly professionals, we also have highly experienced granite contractors who are ready to install the kitchen countertop and any other countertops you might be interested in.

Our granite countertop installers in Reston understand that while granite is tough, it’s tricky to transport. During the transportation, the countertops can chip and break resulting in huge expenses. The contractors handle the pieces with care ensuring that none of them break.

To achieve the perfect fit, we have modern cutting tools that can cut all types of granite. For the thin granite, our contractors use the table or circular saws. When it comes to the larger slabs, the contractors use water-cooled blades.

For a custom fit of the countertops, we don’t cut the slabs in our workshop—we do it at the installation site. This ensures that the granite we choose perfectly fits even the smallest areas giving your room an attractive look.

Granite countertop maintenance services

We not only sell and install the countertops for you—we also help you with the maintenance. One of the most common maintenance tasks we do is to seal the kitchen countertop in Reston. At least once every six months we visit your home or office and seal the countertop. This restores the bond that might have weakened due to the regular use.

Our countertop contractor doesn’t seal the countertop if the bond is strong as he first tests the bond.

If you are looking for a reputable countertop company in Reston, you should highly consider our services. While we put a lot of emphasis on granite countertops, we also handle quartz countertops, marble countertops and any other countertops you might be interested in.